Are you an Overeater? Here are some solutions to help you overcome this

Are you an overeater? I definitely am at times. I often find myself eating out of boredom and eating more in the cold wintery months. It is a bad habit and we need to help each other get out of it. We need to enjoy food but also take care of what and how much we are putting into our bodies.

According to Dr. Rossi, in “The 20-Minute Break”, there are four types of overeaters. See if you recognize yourself.

  1. Stress Overeater:
    You overeat and over snack at any time of the day in direct response to the stresses of everyday life.
    Recognize your stress limits and learn how to say no before you reach them. Break the stress syndrome by taking breaks, which will help you gain perspective on those situations you need to cope with more creatively. 

  1. Fatigue Overeater:
    In a futile effort to overcome stress and fatigue, you snack almost continuously after 3:00 or 4:00 P.M., even after a full meal, until bedtime.
    Pace yourself better throughout the day with several breaks and a midafternoon rest to avoid fatigue buildup. Check in with yourself many times during the day so that you are aware of when you need to start restoring your energy level.

  1. Addictive Overeater:
    You are a cyclic overeater or drinker who regularly consumes to many addictive substances, such as caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, soda) or alcohol. You may also use sugary foods for their mood altering effects to stave off depression.
    Study the patterns of your addictive behaviour.
    How long is it between when you indulge and when you need another fix? When you have the urge for these substances, use a 20-Minute Break to rejuvenate yourself.

  1. Escapist Overeater:
    You often eat alone in an effort to escape unpleasant realities that you don’t know how to cope with.
    Use the time that you would be eating as an escape to make an inventory of your life and what you are using food for. What is it you want to escape from.

Remember, it’s not food that is the problem.

It’s what we use food for.

Make sure to have healthy snacks in between meals to stop yourself from getting over hungry. Slim Secrets products are perfect for this But don’t forget your fruit and veggies too.

Good luck with combating your overeating

Mel xx