7 “feel good” confidence boosters!

7 “feel good” confidence boosters! by Courtney Barber

Are you having a less than stellar day? Or need a bit of a boost? We all need those “feel good” moments, especially when we are having a really stressful or just downright bad week! Here are 7 ways that can instantly boost your mood

1. Exercise – Pop those sneakers on and hit the pavement! The endorphin release is great for our mind and body.

2. Getting a Tan – Spray tans not only make us look healthier, but can also create the appearance of a slimmer physique.

3. Visit the Salon – Getting your hair cut or styled is a great way to polish your look and we always feel better after a trip to the salon! Even just getting your hair professionally washed and straightened can make a huge difference!

4. “Me” time – Schedule some time in your diary for an activity you enjoy. It could be anything from shopping, to a walk on the beach or reading your favourite magazines.

5. Chat to a friend – Skip Facebook and pick up the phone and call one of your good friends for a chat.

6. Bright colours – If you are feeling a bit down, add a pop of colour to your look. Try a new bright shade of lipstick, a coloured scarf or some bright bangles.

7. Do something new – It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, so try something new this week. Maybe you have always wanted to try karate, or singing, or yoga. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and give it a go!

Do you have any confidence boosters? List them below!

Be fit!