5 ways to keep stress free during your exams by Slim Secret’s ambassador Courtney Barber

5 ways to keep stress free during your exams

It’s that time of year again and for many of us going through both high school and university, exam time is an extremely stressful period. Unfortunately, stress can take a hold of us and if we are not looking after ourselves properly during this time, it can make the study process even harder! If you are currently preparing for exams, then these next 5 tips will be very beneficial for both your body and mind during this time.

1. Preparation is everything

Yes I’m sure that you have heard this before, however being prepared is vital in keeping stress to a minimum. Give yourself plenty of time to study. By doing this, you will eliminate the need to cram the entire textbook into your brain the night before the exam. The same goes for the exam day. Prep your bag the night before with everything you need for the exam, so that you are not looking for your calculator 5 minutes before you are due to start. Simple preparation will keep you at ease and give you more time revise.

2. Take breaks

When you look at your schedule, plan sections of the day that you are going to study and also block out times when you are going to have a break. Breaks are very important for your mind and body, as it allows your mind to digest the information you have been reading and also gives you time to refuel for your next session.

3. Eat properly

Make sure you are eating a balanced diet throughout your exam period, including lots of Omega 3’s (salmon) complex carbs (brown rice, wholemeal bread), fruit and veges. 4 Red Bulls and a Mars Bar is not a balanced diet! Omega 3 fish oil has been scientifically proven to support healthy brain development, so take some fish oil capsules to feed your mind!

4. Relaxation

Most people are not thinking about relaxation during exams, but taking some time to meditate, go for a walk, listen to music or have a bath can be very beneficial for stress management. Don’t let yourself become too overwhelmed. Take some time out and just let your mind have a rest and reset.

5. Get Some Sleep

Although sometimes we need to stay up late before a big exam, doing this consecutive nights in a row will eventually catch up with us. Sleep is very important, not only in letting our bodies repair themselves, but it also gives your mind time to process everything you have been learning. If you don’t sleep, you will find that your mind becomes foggy and you may not be able to think clearly. If you are having trouble sleeping, try using a few drops lavender oil on your pillow.

Good luck with your exams!