5 ways to boost your health & fitness in 1 week!

How to boost your health & fitness in 1 week!

Happy Monday!

How are you feeling today? Lethargic & tired from the weekend or full of energy and vitality ready for the day! Did you implement some of my weekend survival tips from my blog post last week? If you missed it, you can read it here.

I get a lot of emails from people wanting to make changes to their life, especially in the realm of health and fitness. I know that a lot of you would love to have an abundance of natural energy (without needing those doubleshot expresso’s) and would love to fit perfectly into your favourite pair of jeans (without all the “lumps and bumps” sticking out). We all have things about our lifestyle that we would like to change, but sometimes it seems as though there are a mountain of items on the To Do List and never enough time to get them done. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had an extra 10 hours in the day to work on our bodies, mind and soul. Sometimes just the thought of starting can be enough to make us cringe and wait til next Monday!

I know that most people are very busy and sometimes our health can take a back seat – however it doesn’t need to. I have listed 5 ways that you can boost your health and fitness in 1 week! Yes that’s right! In just 1 week! If you have been waiting for the right “Monday” to start then today is the day! Print off my list and tick them off over the next 7 days. You can feel an increase in your energy, your skin will look great, your tummy will be smaller and you might even pick up a few compliments along the way

How to boost your health & fitness in 1 week!

1. Drink at least 2 litres of water each day – Go to your nearest 7-11 or supermarket and instead of buying a small bottle of water, buy the big 2 litre bottle. Sit it at your desk or wherever you spend most of your time. Your goal is to drink that whole bottle before lunch time. If you can drink it all, then fill it up again and keep going!

2. Cut out the junk – You know what food is good for you and what isn’t. No junk this week! Keep some Slim Secrets bars in your bag plus some fresh fruit and almonds.

3. Go to bed earlier & wake up earlier – We all love staying up late watching True Blood, however this week you are going to go to bed a bit earlier than usual. Sleep is so important for your body. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you would normally get up. Use this extra time to do a little circuit in your living room.

4. Move more – When you get home from work and feel like just relaxing in front of the TV – don’t! Get up and go for walk or head to the gym. Activity is key!

5. Beauty time – Nothing looks better than glowing & hydrated skin. Exfoliate your whole body, have a face mask, pop on some tan (makes everyone look healthier!), give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. Simple things really make a difference!

Don’t wait til next Monday – start today!

I also look forward to reading more of your questions through Ask the Trainer, so keep them coming!