5 body-positive accounts to follow on Instagram

Are you tired of seeing #fitspo and #thinspo clog up your feeds? With hashtags such as this, there’s a fine line between encouraging and shaming. Turn your attention to these inspiring women, sending out body-positive messages across Instagram.

With every image, there’s a message of empowerment to take with you, inspiring you to feel comfortable in your own skin. They’ll motivate you to sweat, tone and tighten – the healthy way. Here’s to unapologetically loving yourself!


Image care of: @jshealth

Jessica Sepel

Ever wondered what a nutritionist’s favourite food is? One look at Jessica Sepel’s Instagram, coloured with cauliflower-crust shephard’s pie, raw chocolate mousses and roasted vege, and you know it’s much more exciting than a miserable-looking salad. She recently compiled her wholesome and delicious recipes into a book, The Healthy Life, which is fast becoming our ultimate kitchen companion.


Image care of: @_thebalancedkitchen

The Balanced Kitchen

Shana Paige is a food stylist, photographer and writer who believes in a balanced life. Everything in moderation is totally her mantra. Her gorgeous, vibrant, delicious-looking meals will inspire you to get your shopping list together, stock up on fresh ingredients and chop, stir, sauté and bake your way to a healthier existence. 


Image care of: @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen

You may think following a gorgeous Sports Illustrated model and incredible home chef married to John Legend would be bad for your mental health, but it’s quite the opposite! Chrissy, who admits to having insecurities, keeps it real, posting photos of her stretch marks and changing pregnancy body for the world to see.


Image care of: @fitqueenirene

Fit Queen Irene

What does it mean to have a perfect yoga body? Not what you think! As Irene says, “I have big thighs and short legs … I have a body, and therefore a perfect yoga body.” Quashing stereotypes, she posts photos of herself in a range of postures, from the warrior to downward-facing dog, knowing it’s how you feel on the inside that counts.


Image care of: @melissaambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl. A motivational speaker and self-love teacher, she’s made it her mission to spread positivity among women who are feeling less-than-stellar about their body and diet. The focus is on balance and acceptance and being healthy as to get the most out of life.