4 powerful ways to lose weight before Xmas

Many of us want to look our best and get into shape. But the vision you hold in mind will be just a dream unless you take action today to make it happen. The only way you can get into shape and achieve your ideal weight is to take persistent action and stick with your goals until they are reached. With Christmas just around the corner, many of us dream of looking the best we can for whatever reasons we may have. But with the temptations around nudging you to over indulge on the next delicious meal or party that comes your way, how do we keep ourselves motivated and reach our weight loss goals before Christmas is upon us?
Here are four powerful ways you can use to ensure your weight loss goal is achieved before Christmas.
1. Exercise

I know… you must have heard this over and over again. However if you have not initiated your exercise regimen to promote our weight loss goals, now is the right time to start. So how and where do you start your fitness program? You don’t have to turn this into a tedious or difficult task. Losing weight can be easy if you know the right way to do it.
Select an aerobic activity that will burn off the fat and increase the muscle mass. There are plenty of exercise programs that will how you just how to do that. Aerobic activity helps you increase the metabolic rate and this active state will let you burn off kilos faster than what was possible before. By building on the muscle mass, fat will be burnt off faster as well. Muscles have the ability to burn off 90% calories more than fat. So what this means is you will be able to eat more without putting on weight than before once you have those muscles in place.
However I know that it can be a really busy time of year now with the lead up to Xmas and you may be saying “I don’t have time to do any of these activities”. No worries. Below are the sorts of simple routines that can be built into a busy lifestyle so that you can feel better, keep trim and maintain a healthy weight. However I still recommend that you find pockets of times in your week where YOU are the priority and do what is important for your health.
• Simple exercises can be squeezed into the most hectic of days. For instance, try doing pelvic floor exercises, or simply holding and releasing stomach muscles, whilst standing at the sink doing the washing up, ironing or even in your car whilst stopped at a red light.
• Whilst watching TV try to get up and do something every time the adverts come on. Stretching exercises, stomach crunches, dips, squats, or simply dancing. Such simple things to do, during what is effectively dead time, can make a huge difference.
• Taking a bath? Try doing sit ups whilst waiting for it to fill.
• Leave the car at home and walk the kids to school.
• Taking the bus or train? Get off one stop earlier than necessary and walk the rest of the way.

2. Eat smaller meals with healthy snacking between meals and limit Sugar Intake

This is a very important element that will accelerate your weight loss process when followed diligently. Sugar is something you want to reduce when trying to lose weight. It actually fills you up when consumed, but quickly diminishes and create cravings leaving you wanting for more. It release insulin into the blood, which causes your body to store more fat than what it should, then create a big appetite that compels you to binge on the next meal or snack.
• Sugary snacks are a common source of empty calories, so swap high GI fat/sugar chocolate bars for fruit, nuts, vegies or if you want the chocolate hit a low GI protein bar or cookie.
• Buy low fat spreads, one-cal spray oils for cooking with and semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. These sorts of changes will hardly even register.
• Cut down or, if possible, eliminate alcoholic drinks. They are full of empty calories.
• Switch to low sugar/no sugar fizzy drinks, or simply drink juices (without added sugar) and water which are much healthier.
• Eating smaller meals and healthy snacks in between helps keep your metabolism moving which in turns helps burn the calories. Those who starve themselves are more likely to halt their metabolism which makes it near impossible to burn calories plus it also leads to inevitable bingeing sooner or later.

3. Pamper Yourself
You need to make yourself feel good when you are trying to lose weight (actually this applies long term!). This is the only way you will stick with your weight loss program. Pamper yourself with the best life has to offer as you deserve it. Spend some time visiting the spa if you can or alternatively, you can get a spa treatment at home using homemade remedies. These are pretty inexpensive to do but give you results that match those from professional spa centers.
What it takes to lose weight is just the right knowledge followed with the right action. Just get started and stick with the program no matter what obstacles come your way. Add some creativity and you will soon turn the tedious chore into a fun and rewarding process

4. Determination
Determination is the key to any weight loss program. If you are not determined, it does not matter what diet you follow, you will fail. Being determined to succeed in losing weight is the one thing that will make all the difference. There are a few ways you can help yourself to be more determined.
Get your family and friends to help and support you, and surround yourself with positive people. With friends and family aware that you are trying to lose weight they can help by not eating certain foods in front of you. Maybe one or two of your friends, work colleagues or neighbours may want to lose some weight as well, get them to join you in your weight loss program.
Just following these simple steps is how to lose weight for Christmas. Follow a healthy weight loss program with some daily exercise and you will see the weight drop off you in time for that Christmas party.

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