2008 Oscars

What an amazing week it has been in LA for Slim Secrets and myself. I have to start from last night as that was definitely the highlight being at Elton John and his partner David’s Oscar viewing party. After watching the Oscars and having the tastiest food we were then treated to Elton John playing song after song and then joining with Mary Jane Blige. If that wasn’t enough I had the pleasure of meeting people such as Larry King (my favorite for the night), Sharon Stone, Sean Penn, Ellen and Portia, Elton and David, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, Lional Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, Simon Cowell and more! I am sure I have left out heaps of names but you can see that it was a great collection of people. What a great way to finish off my journey to the US to promote Slim Secrets at the Oscars gifting suite. My Canadian agent Angele Miller met me in LA and we worked together at the Oscars gifting suite. We had an amazing response to the brand. Although we do not sell to the US as yet the interest was fantastic considering the competition in the US. Our products have a definite point of difference which was pointed out by many who saw the bars.
I haven’t got the photos as yet from the suite but when I do I will put some on the blog. Another great night out was at a charity concert where I heard Damien Rice and Michelle Branch play. I also met some interesting people there such as Adrian from Entourage. LA is definitely a party place and heaps of fun!