THE DAILY MAIL - Sophie Monk reveals her new day on a plate in lockdown after overhauling her diet

She's known for her svelte figure most women envy.  

But after two months in lockdown, Sophie Monk says she knows all too well and how easy it is to reach for the nearest chocolate bar when 3pm rolls around. 

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, the blonde bombshell revealed she has been forced to overhaul her diet to maintain her sensational figure.

'The past few weeks have been a struggle not to go on an all out-binge while is iso,' she laughed.

Before the lockdown, Sophie said she would regularly eat unhealthy snacks, including chocolate bars and ice cream with sprinkles.

But now the former Bardot singer starts off her day with a healthy meal.

Sophie enjoys an egg white omelette with salmon for breakfast, before tucking into a very light lunch of grilled fish and salad. 

The Love Island star finishes her day with some protein, consisting of chicken or fish, with a side of vegetables.

Should she feel the need to snack, Sophie said she treats herself to a low-calorie Slim Secrets Mintabolism Boost bar or choc bites from the range.

'I used to think that you could never have sweet treats without putting on weight, so I'm so excited that now I have other healthier choices that satisfy my sugar cravings,' she raved.

The former Bachelorette added she was making the most of her time in isolation looking for DIY beauty treatments.

'My home hair dye kit didn't go so well though,' she laughed, referring her bleaching disaster last month.