Sensis - November 2015

Here’s how to make your website work for your business.

“We consider our website to be a great marketing tool – in many cases it is the first point of direct contact customers have with Slim Secrets,” says company founder and chief executive, and wellness and weight loss coach, Sharon Thurin.

“We want to make sure that our website tells the right story about our brand and our people, and ensure that it’s easy to follow, easy to use and easy to understand.”

Slim Secrets offers a range of healthy snacks designed to curb cravings and are stocked in supermarkets and health outlets around Australia.

“While our online traffic and online sales continue to grow each year globally, so does our competition. It’s becoming increasingly important for us to ensure that we use this platform to effectively market our brand and to differentiate us from our competitors,” she says.   

According to Thurin, having a website has helped the business in the following ways:

1.      The website allows the business to tell a compelling story about the brand and the people involved. 

2.      Overseas companies and consumers can interact with the brand and learn more about what the business has to offer. For Slim Secrets, it has been the website that has attracted many of their overseas distributors to come on-board to work with them.

3.      It provides customers with detailed information about the products (including nutritional values, ingredients and featured ingredients).

4.      The fun and cheeky nature of the Slim Secrets website has attracted a lot of media and PR attention, resulting in the products being included in goody bags at the high-profile awards, fashion shows and women’s business events.

5.      Users are linked to all forms of Slim Secrets’ social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which keeps customers engaged in the brand and up to date.

6.      The website is a platform to educate visitors in relevant topics. For Slim Secrets this means additional healthy snack secrets and general health and fitness advice.

7.      Contact details for customers are easily located.

The company is currently in the process of updating their website to make it even more user-friendly for visitors. If you are looking to transform your own website, Thurin recommends focusing on:

  • Making it easy to navigate through and easy to understand as this can have a direct impact on how you are ranked in search engine results rankings
  • Providing detailed information on your brand, products and mission, without additional clutter
  • Showcasing your social media accounts
  • Ensuring the ‘contact us’ section is easy to find
  • Creating great content, including inspiring videos and informative blog posts.