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Founder and CEO Sharon Thurin is the health food visionary at the helm of Slim Secrets, the global business that creates delicious, indulgent and nutritionally
balanced snacks with a sassy edge. Boasting many influential ambassadors, Slim Secrets is one of Australia’s biggest success stories in the health food market.

Thurin’s products, which range from protein snack bars, low sugar chocolates and puddings, are available in major Australian retailers and internationally. Working with clients battling obesity and weight loss, Thurin
grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of healthy, convenient snacks available. Bravely, with very little business training but bucketloads of passion and unwavering family support, Thurin launched Slim Secrets in 2005.

“Everyone needs some indulgence in their life, but I knew there was a better way to treat ourselves than the calorie-dense food available. I designed the Slim
Secrets range to give people delicious, convenient treats and snacks that don’t compromise weight loss, health or fitness goals.” The multi-award winning Thurin
and Slim Secrets believe that our diet is like a bank account. “Good food choices are good investment. My philosophy isn’t about extreme dieting but finding
healthier ways to have everything.”