SOPHIE Monk says being in a relationship feels “normal” and “balanced” as she prepares to host her boyfriend for Christmas on the Gold Coast.

The former Bachelorette has found her match in marketing executive Joshua
Gross, who lives in the US. “He’s awesome and doesn’t want a part of the industry,” Monk (pictured) said. “I love our industry but I love that he doesn’t want to be part of it. I know there’s no motive. It just feels normal and balanced.

“He’s coming to stay with me and then he’s going to his Christmas (in Colorado) and we’ll all meet up again.” Monk said she met Gross’s family at his sister’s wedding and “they’re awesome”. “He’s got five degrees, he’s very intelligent,” she said. “It’s beyond me what he does but it’s refreshing to have someone that works. “He’s like me, we’re never home so we both have the same kind of life.”

The Love Island host has created her own range of chocolates called Choc Love
Bites with Slim Secrets, available at Chemist Warehouse. “I eat like three packets a
night,” she said. “Like every woman I wonder should I go there, but I do and it’s like having a coffee, it’s that many calories.”

Ref: Courier Mail - QConfidential 28/12/18