Inside Small Business: Angelique Kerber partners with Aussie small business - January 2017

In major news for Australian endorsements Australian health-food snack company, Slim Secrets, has unveiled female Australian Open tennis champion and current world number #1, Angelique Kerber, as its Official Ambassador for 2017. This is the first time an international sporting star of this calibre has aligned with an Australian health food brand.

The collaboration is a significant achievement for an Australian small business, with many international stars partnering with large global brands.

The partnership, which commences in January will coincide with the Australian Open when Angelique returns to Australian soil, widely regarded as her favourite surface, to defend her title.

Founder of Slim Secrets, Sharon Thurin says: “Angelique has quickly become a well-loved tennis player. She is a great role model for the health and fitness industry and an inspiration for women portraying a healthy body image. We are beyond excited that we have such a well-recognised global athlete on board. Our philosophy is to promote a healthy lifestyle and Angelique absolutely exudes this.”

“She has obviously worked very hard to become number one and get where she is today and that includes fuelling her body with the best. This new alliance will go a long way in establishing Slim Secrets as one of the leaders in the healthy snack food industry, as well as exposing our brand to an international market and sporting community, allowing us unprecedented global reach.”

For Angelique, the opportunity to return to her favourite gland slam, while supporting an Aussie brand focused on helping people achieve their wellness goals, was something she could not pass up.


She says, “I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to partner with such a positive, health forward brand.”

Collaborating with Talent Resources Slim Secrets secured the perfect spokesperson. Talent Resources CEO, Mike Heller says: “We couldn’t imagine a better ambassador for this. Angelique embodies the philosophy and spirit that Slim Secrets is built on. We look forward to working with these two leaders in their respective fields.”

Slim Secrets is an Australian organisation founded by health and wellness professional, Sharon Thurin. Establishing in 2005, Slim Secrets now operates in over 10 countries. The company manufactures healthy snacks for consumers to manage nutrition, weight and fitness goals.

SOURCE: Inside Small Business