Top 10 Secrets About Hunger

  1. Hunger and satisfaction is your body's way of telling you how much and what to eat.
  2. Listening to your hunger, recording it and responding accordingly will help you to lose and maintain your weight almost effortlessly.
  3. A gnawing emptiness in your stomach can mean that you are hungry and that your body needs some form of nourishing. It can also mean you are digesting a recently eaten meal, or that you have a gastrointestinal problem, so learning to understand the difference is important. Listen to your body and it will tell you when it is hungry. Many of us have different hunger signals from our bodies, so look out for yours.
  4. Always eating at a certain time doesn't mean that you always get hungry at that time.
  5. Hunger is a progressive process that when left unmet, grows stronger by the hour.
  6. True or solid hunger can greatly enhance our enjoyment of food.
  7. True or solid hunger has a tendency to drive us to make healthier choices.
  8. Becoming "too" hungry can result in feeling sick, tired, or weak, can lead you to overeat foods that you don't really even want and can inhibit your ability to know when you've eaten enough.
  9. Being tired can cause us to believe that we are hungry.
  10. Having a craving for a certain food is different from being hungry.