NEWS.COM.AU - Sophie Monk Talks about Slim Secrets new Protein Choc Fudge Brownies on The Morning Show

Sophie Monk has a big year ahead.

The self-confessed reality TV fanatic has taken up a new role as host of Channel 9’s Beauty and The Geek , all but confirming rumours she’ll be replaced on the upcoming season of Love Island.

But in exciting news for pop fans, the former Bardot bandmate has also confirmed she’s recorded new music.

Speaking to, Sophie said she was looking forward to Beauty and The Geek due to the comedy side of the format, which in previous iterations has seen a selection of introverted, nerdy guys paired with Instagram influencer-types.

Viewers lapped up the quirky show over on Channel 7 before it wrapped up six years ago.

As announced in September the show will return in 2021 on a new network with Sophie at the helm. The full announcement of Nine’s 2021 schedule, however, did not include any reference to her hosting Love Island.

“I’m just hosting on (Beauty and The Geek) at the moment, so it’s not a no but it’s not a yes,” Sophie told us of her hosting duties next year.

“I’m just going to take next year as it comes,” she added.

The former actress said she was thrilled to be approached to host Channel 9’s relaunch of the show.

“I’m a very huge fan of reality … as soon as someone says the R-word I’m in,” she explained of saying yes to the job.

“I was already a big fan of the show as well so I was like ‘Yes please’. It’s just so me. It’s a very cute love show with some comedy in it.

“(The show’s creators) even said to me ‘you’re a bit like a beauty and the geek yourself’ … I don’t know if that’s a compliment, I’m more of a dork. I wouldn’t say I’m a geek because I’m not smart,” she joked.

While casting is still underway, Sophie gave us a taste of what viewers can expect when it premieres next year.

“It’s the producers of Married At First Sight, so that should be really fun. They’re a great production team and will bring something different to the show.”

After two seasons of steamy scenes and partner swapping n Love Island, it’ll be quite the shift from gym-junkies to brainiacs, Sophie admits.

“They’re completely different shows – obviously Love Island is young, sexy singles that go to the gym a lot and Beauty and the Geek will bring in the geeks.

“I mean I love both shows, but the difference with this is there’s a lot of comedy, because they’re all completely from different walks of life.”

While she’s certainly not afraid to admit she’s reality TV-obsessed, there is one show Sophie won’t be appearing on anytime soon.

Last month, it was revealed on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O that she was approached to be part of the military competition SAS Australia. 

“I love reality shows but that one looks pretty full on. I couldn’t do it … I walk up the stairs and I’m exhausted,” she said, adding that she has been watching along from home.

“When I was watching it I was starting to get a stitch. I told my boyfriend I felt like I was burning calories just watching them, so I think that’s the one reality show I wouldn’t do. No one’s pushing me out of a helicopter.”

Speaking of what else is on the cards for next year, the former Bardot singer hinted 2021 could see fans blessed with new music.

“I have recorded and I really like the music, but it just depends on if the audience likes it,” Sophie, who appeared on The Masked Singer this year, said.

“You know, I go to a party and people are like ‘please don’t put your playlist on’, so I might think it’s amazing but others might not,” she teased, adding that she’s a huge fan of “90s music and jazz” among her eclectic selection.

“I’ve done some meetings so it looks like it might be happening, but not for a little bit,” she said of the expected release date.

Sophie has also been working with snack company Slim Secrets on the release of a new chocolate protein brownie with collagen.

“It’s just a better alternative, for me, I’m good in the day then I get to around 8 or 9 and I just want to have a binge eat,” she said.

“The brownies are awesome because you feel like you’re being naughty but you’re not.”

She said they’ve been a welcome pantry addition after lockdown threw a spanner in her usual routine.

“I definitely blew out, I just didn’t post it,” she said of the extra time spent at home, where the snacks are aplenty.

“I saw all these people doing yoga and stuff at home and I’m like ‘I’m not doing yoga in my house … this is the time you’re allowed to get comfy and chubby’”, she joked.