MY BODY + SOUL - Sophie Monk's genius tip to stop herself putting on weight

You grow up with your parents telling you white lies out of love, had your primary school teacher lying to you about how talented you are at drawing (lol jokes), experienced numerous boyfriends lying to you about the same-old things boys lie about time and time again (seriously, get it together), and we hate to break it to you, but that calorie counter is probably not your most honest friend either.

To make matters worse, statistics show that 60 per cent of adults can’t even have a 10 minute conversation without lying at least once, and within those 10 minutes, an average of three lies are told. #shook

While it seems like no one is trustworthy these days, there are two things in life that will never step foot outside Grey Fockers’ ‘Circle of Trust’. The first was confirmed by our good old mate Shakira back in 2005 when she danced to the beat chanting the “hips don’t lie”; and the second comes from Aussie’s very own Monk who quite simple conforms “zippers don’t lie and you can’t argue with a zipper.”

While quite literally speaking, a zipper ain’t gonna start talking back to you, its actions are actually louder than words because when it comes to slipping into those summer dresses in a few months’ time, there will be no hiding from that winter weight.

And this my friends, is how the Monk stopped herself from putting on weight while filming Love Island Australia.

“I’ve got a stylist here and she’s only got my dresses in my size,” she exclusively told myBody+Soul.

“If I blow out, which I’ve done to her before, she can’t travel back to get another one so I have no choice and I’ve just got to stay healthy. What are you gonna do? Run back to Australia and swap all the clothes?”

Ugh I hear you.

“Sometimes the zip goes up a bit tight and I’m like please, please, suck it all in.”

Sophie Monk, I’ve never related to anyone on a deeper level.

In saying this, it definitely doesn’t mean she starves herself to death just so she can fit into her clothes. In fact, it’s just all about fuelling her body with the right foods

For breakfast, she’ll eat an “egg, white, salmon, and avocado” omelette, and then the self-confessed fish-lover will most likely have fish and veggies for lunch and dinner.

While this does sound quite healthy, again, the blonde-bombshell does have to rein the diet in when she’s on national TV, but she’s also no stranger to the good ol’ binge. And when she refers to a binge, she really means it.

“We’re talking heaps of pizzas, chocolate ice-cream, and I’ll just eat all day. I’ll binge while watching Netflix or Dr Phil, which is so nerdy, and then just eat.”

“It’s balance you know what I mean. I’m not going to deprive myself forever.” #soulsister

“You’ve got nothing to look forward to if you don’t have these days. You’re sitting there going ‘ughhh’. Food’s awesome, and that’s the problem; I love it too much.”

OMG tell me about it.

To add to her balanced diet, she’s also given up her bedtime Kit Kat snack when she discovered a low-calorie option that doesn’t skimp on the goods when it comes to satisfying her chocolate cravings.

“I eat Love Bites at night instead of binge eating. I eat three packets of those instead of a Kit Kat and have them in bed before I go to sleep. It’s so good. It’s just a perfect compensation for chocolate and they’ve got barely any calories. Technically if I have about ten it’ll be equivalent to one Kit Kat.”

I like how your mind works.

“It’s hard for me because I have no routine so I just try and keep active throughout my day anyway.

“I’ll do a plank randomly or I’ll do some sit-ups if I’m feeling sloppy. I’m pretty active during the day; I’m not sitting behind a computer.”

See, throw in some planks, a few days of eating healthily, and i doesn't sound that hard to look 20-years-old at 38.

Slim Secrets and Sophie Monk are excited to launch their brand new sugar free and guilt free snack, Choc Love Bites by Sophie Monk that are now on shelves exclusively at Chemist Warehouse. Choc Love Bites have been designed to deliver a delicious chocolate treat, minus the hefty calories.