BODY + SOUL - Keira Maguire's savviest trick for making her healthy snacks taste SUPER indulgent

The Bachelor's Keira Maguire shares her day on a plate, her guilty pleasure, and her hack for making her healthy snacks taste like a treat. 

Kiera Maquire has always had a good mind for healthy eating. 

Growing up with a vegan mum, the former Bachelor star tells Body+Soul she loves her greens, tries to control her sugar intake as much as possible, and drinks lots of water throughout the day.

She admits, however, that she “rarely eats breakfast”, taking part in a sort of unintentional intermittent fast, because she’s always on the go.

“I always have some sort of snack on me, otherwise, I end up not eating,” she says.

“It’s not because I’m starving myself but just because I run out of time.”

Making sure she has plenty of snacks on her, and healthy ones, is really important.

“I always have a snack, like Slim Secrets Love Bites in my bag, as they are the perfect energy pick me up, especially on days when I’m on the run,” she says, and she has a special trick for making those keto, chocolate brownie bites taste extra indulgent: popping them in the microwave. Genius.